7 Ways to Share Genuine Appreciation with Your Employees

Great leadership is not solely responsible for all the achievements within the company or department under you.  Worthy leaders know that one important dynamic behind sales figures and growth is a combination of leadership and capable employees. Appreciation shown by leadership towards employees is to go a step further than to just recognize their good […]

Post-Interview Follow-up-Essential Employability Skills

No organization wants to employ a person who isn’t much of a team player and prefers working in a shell. Typically, staying isolated and not taking initiatives reduces your chances of standing out from the crowd. This isn’t particularly a bad news for the introverts as it doesn’t require you to go way out of[…..]

Video Conference Interview for Success

Video conferencing is now commonly used by multinationals to conduct interviews and source the best talent from all over the world. The interviewers get the advantage of sitting in the interview remotely and the candidate gets the opportunity to impress a number of people without traveling. The experience is, however, slightly different from an in-person[…..]

Professional Career Coach to Catapult Your Employability

No one lands a great job out of luck. It takes a lot of effort to grab an opportunity that perfectly matches your definition of a desirable job. You need to build your resume, you need to prepare for the questions and you need to make sure you look your best. No matter how much[…..]