Asking the Right Questions at Your Interview

Everyone goes to an interview prepared to answer questions, but do you ever prepare to ask some? A few questions later, your interviewer would ask, ‘if you have any questions’. Now, if you are half as good as they need you to be, you would have a few queries lined up for them. If not, […]

How to Be a More Likable Boss: Servant Leadership

There’s just something about being a likable boss that makes your employees want to please you.  Imagine not having to pry work out of your staff or playing the role of the bad guy just to assure a job gets done.  It sounds like it’s too good to be true but…it’s not.  Any professional career[…..]

Master Your Body Language

A job interview is a process of scrutiny where you are pitted against many capable candidates. In such a fierce and competitive scenario, each and every single aspect of the interview process should be prepared for. Everything from your resume to the way you dress and carry yourself contributes to the outcome of an interview.[…..]

Developing a Personal Brand: Dress to Impress

At an interview, you need to present yourself as a brand. That’s exactly how you can showcase the value you can bring to the table. Become a brand that they must have. Presentation is precisely the first thing, you need to market yourself in the right light. Everything from the way you walk, talk and[…..]