Post-Interview Follow-up-Essential Employability Skills

No organization wants to employ a person who isn’t much of a team player and prefers working in a shell. Typically, staying isolated and not taking initiatives reduces your chances of standing out from the crowd.

This isn’t particularly a bad news for the introverts as it doesn’t require you to go way out of your comfort zone and start giving out hugs to everyone you meet. You can be an introvert and a proactive team member at the same time. It is just about taking the right action when it is needed. Your follow-up email or call shows that you are absolutely capable of that.

The whole process starts with the applicant asking the interviewer how long it would take for them to get back. You might think that it may be annoying from an employer’s point of view, but most of them would actually appreciate the initiative.

Advantages of a Follow-Up

Sending a short and simple note that says ‘Thank You for the Opportunity’ can do wonders. It reminds them of who you were and the impression you left behind. This is very important in case you don’t secure the position with the expectation to be considered for a future position that may open up.

How-To Follow-Up

Try to be unique in the way you follow-up. If you are using an email, avoid a generic email with a simple ‘thank you’ and think of ways to make the message personalized and tailor it to the recipient.

Write a compelling subject line so that your email stands out. People receive many emails and if yours does not stand out, it doesn’t get read.

Another aspect of a follow up is that you can circle back and thank anyone you connected with during your time at the company, and ensure they know their assistance was appreciated. People tend to increase their support once told that their efforts are regarded and valued. Don’t get carried away and don’t start meeting everyone as it would make you appear too eager and too desperate.

Tips To-Go

You can ask for the interviewer’s feedback regarding your application. This way you will identify the areas you were lacking in and work on those weaknesses of yours.

Unleash you creativity and try using an online graphics generator to come up with a unique way of saying thank you. You can also send them your employability advantage in a visual format.

A nice and professional follow-up may not always get you the job, but it definitely helps you build a network.