Developing a Personal Brand: Dress to Impress

At an interview, you need to present yourself as a brand. That’s exactly how you can showcase the value you can bring to the table. Become a brand that they must have.

Presentation is precisely the first thing, you need to market yourself in the right light. Everything from the way you walk, talk and dress contributes to your personal brand.

Let’s talk about a few important aspects of the whole presentation that can help you make a lasting impression.

Dress to Impress

Professional, confident and polished – this is how an employer wants their employees to look like. On an interview, try to dress the way you would dress on your first day at work and not how you would dress to a wedding. This means you need to keep it formal, but at the same time comfortable. Heavy ornaments and accessories must be avoided and soft, and subtle colors should be preferred over bright ones.

A great way to dress right is to see how higher-level executives in that organization usually dress. Do some research about the dress code that organization might have in place.

Layering works great for both men and women as long as it’s a coat or blazer instead of a hoodie

Wearing a blazer for a professional look, or a sweater for a business casual look with your black pants could be a good idea. An even better idea is to suit up for the occasion.

Pair your attire with formal shoes. In fact, shoes are essentials you should invest good money in. An elegant set of designer heels or a pair of high-end brogues is essentially a one-time investment that can put your entire look together.

While bold colors and patterns must be avoided, men can go a bit creative with their ties. Similarly, women have the freedom to accentuate the attire with a contrasting scarf or a handbag.

Ensure the fit, style and fabric of your attire is of high quality, showcasing your perfectionism and attention to details.

Sartorial Psychology

They say ‘perception is reality’ and people who tell you ‘not think about what others think of you’ have obviously never been to a job interview.

There are many other psychological factors such as the psychology of color and patterns that can increase the chances of you landing the job. The vertical strips, for instance has become the staple business dress code and portrays a go-getter attitude for men. Floral patterns and polka dots make a great choice for women interested in a creative job.

Image Consultant

Don’t fret about all these decisions and consider hiring a professional certified image consultant. They are trained professionals to help you choose the perfect interview wardrobe and they also help you polish the way you carry yourself.

They consider all aspects such as YOUR particular body type, personality and how you want to be perceived at the interview. They work with you and help you create a strong and memorable personal brand – a brand any organization would love to be associated with.