Importance of Professional Resume

  Before you start preparing for an interview, you need to make sure you get a call for an interview. Your resume is what gets the attention of a recruiter who will be sifting through hundreds and thousands of other applications. This is why your resume matters a lot! What is written on the paper […]

Research the Job Position – Avoid Dissatisfaction

  Do you need a job or do you want a career? There will always come a time in your life when you will get an offer that would seem like the most lucrative option you can imagine, but you have a good gut feeling. Most of us tend to overlook that feeling and it[…..]

Interview Preparation – Overcome the Pre-Interview Anxiety

    Congratulations on reaching the interview stage of the selection process! Consider yourself very lucky if you have gotten this far without doing any research on the company you are interested in. Even if you haven’t gotten to the interview stage yet, know that researching your potential employer can give you many advantages over[…..]