Research the Job Position – Avoid Dissatisfaction


Do you need a job or do you want a career?

There will always come a time in your life when you will get an offer that would seem like the most lucrative option you can imagine, but you have a good gut feeling. Most of us tend to overlook that feeling and it is how we end up with jobs that deliver no satisfaction.

Whether you are intuitive or not, you must know if the job you think you need is really a job you deserve. This is why you should invest enough time and effort in researching the position and the path it leads towards.

See If You Are a ‘Strategic Fit’

The aim for research should be to find a job description that speaks about your skills. You need to be a good strategic fit for the job/company before you even click on apply now button.

Finding a job that suits your personality, skills, abilities and aptitude is as important to the company as it is to you. From the HR’s perspective they want someone who can fit the organizational culture. Whereas as an applicant you need to make sure that the position is suitable for you to ensure job satisfaction

Understand Thy Self

Many applicants we have spoken to have an ambiguous list of skills and require career coaching to support them in articulating the job description (JD) they are most suited for.

There are other ways you can learn more about yourself. There are various tests you can take such as the MBTI and the DISC assessments. You should undertake these tests to uncover facets of your personality you weren’t previously aware of. It is very important that you take these assessments with brutal honesty so that you are truly learning about yourself and working towards continuous professional development (CPD).

Understanding yourself on a deep level enables you to find the job best for you. For example, if you are a highly social individual then perhaps sitting behind a desk all day might not be your true calling.

Tips To-Go

Compare the complete job requirements with your qualifications to make sure you qualify for the position. In some cases where you feel like you are the best person for the job, but are failing to meet a couple of requirements, you can still apply and explain in the cover letter why you should be considered.

Research about the JD and the company – Find facts about employee satisfaction and use insights from a variety of sources.

Don’t hesitate to ask the interviewer about any concerns that you may have. Be open, honest and think about the position critically rather than emotionally.

Imagining how your first day at work would be like works best for many people. The power of imagination allows you visualize if you are most suited for the job or not.

Don’t sign up for jobs which aren’t appealing to you. The short time spans look weak on a CV and might hamper your future prospects.

Think carefully, be honest!

Best of luck in securing that dream position you are born for.