Use of Network & Connections in Job Research


Living in a digitally connected world has made it almost impossible to survive without a powerful and strong social network. Your network includes everything from your Facebook friends to your LinkedIn profile and the people you exchange business cards with. However, this huge network you have created is virtually useless if you haven’t really utilized it to leverage your career. Learn all about how you can make the most of your connections to find the opportunity of your life.

Networking: The Key to Many Locks

Networking is very important in finding a new job. It is also helpful in getting valuable insights about different organizations. Let’s suppose, you already have a job offer from a well-known company dealing in communications hardware, but you know nothing about the job description (JD), the work culture and if the job would be a good fit for you.

As the company is dealing with communications hardware, the chances are that due to their military contracts much of the information would not be public knowledge. This is where the power of networking becomes apparent. If you have developed a good network, then you can ask a friend or an acquaintance. They can give you industry specific information without breaching their confidentiality agreement. This way you can learn about the work culture, the way things are done and if you would be content with the position or not.

Networking requires you to step out of your comfort zone and say hello to executives who have sat beside you.  It is never too late to start working on your networking skills. You can sign up for a professional networking coaching session to learn how to form a connection that lasts.

Confidence at Interview

Confidence stems from preparation and research. The more you know about the company you are interviewing at, the better equipped you are to answer questions with confidence. Apart from being able to answer their questions, you will have a bunch of your own questions to ask such as ‘why is the turnover rate so high?’ etc.

Only through networking, you can find the hidden aspects of a JD. Only someone who’s working inside the organization can tell you if the company is worth working for or not.

Getting a Reference

One of the most important uses of a network is getting references and recommendations. Having a recommendation from the CEO of a certain company can boost your career and open doors to many opportunities.

Many times, your skills and abilities are at par with many other candidates. This is where a strong referral from one of your connections can be of great help.

Tips To-Go

Professional networks are different from your personal ones and the kind of data you share should be considered accordingly.

Networking takes time, patience and one-liner congratulations messages to remind your associates of your existence.

Professional marketing coaching sessions should be taken to support you develop a strong personal brand – Our professional networking coaching session can help you build connections like never before.